Pamoja and the Magic Drum / Youth and culture hand in hand for the future / Drum making workshop / De caravan Junction

Reagan Oduor Nyachieng'a
Musician ,Teacher & concept developer in cultural projects.

Reagan Oduor Nyachieng'a is a charismatic musician, performing artist and music teacher based in Sweden. He performs with singing, percussion and drumming as well as acting, acrobatics and dance. He crafts african percussion instruments and drums and he is educated in Community development and social work.

Reagan is passionate about cultural work and collaborations. He is using music as a tool for cross-cultural learning and mutual understanding and as a medium to connect children, youth and adults, and teach them how to use percussion music as a creative alternative for their personal expression. This is the reason why he joined KulturProjektlinjen. During his course in KPL he has developed two projects :‘Youth and culture hand in hand for the future in Kenya & Pamoja and the Magic Drum in Sweden. click:

Youth and culture hand in hand for the future: Is a project that will be running for four months from October 2021- January 2022 in Kenya funded by the Swedish Institute (SI). Reagan Oduor is the project manager of the project and the partner organizations in the project are Slättens ideella Hjälporganisation from Sweden, M-Tafsiri Africa and Manene Cultural Trust from Kenya.The project will capacitate vulnerable former street youth and selected maasai youth in Ngong. The project will run a weekly music and cultural program for these youth.The youth will also perform in the local community in Ngong to raise awareness about the issues of cultural identity crisis in the young generation.The program will empower the youth to understand their cultural heritage and use it to express themselves.