Anas Khalifeh

My name is Anas Khalifeh, I studied film making in Fridhems Folkhögskola in Svalöv and I am pursuing my studies at KPL. I like to combine my interests in film making and music as well as working with people or participating in a project with a humanitarian incentive. “Everyone has a story” is a saying that inspires me to know that there is always a story that awaits to be told.

Through KPL I became more aware about all the steps to consider in a cultural project together with the way to achieve it from A to Z, and to find the balance between creative and practical processes.

Thedocumentary takes place in five countries: it starts in Syria, before the warand ends today in Sweden, passing by France, Dubai and Germany. The movietraces the trajectories of six friends who met around the year 2002 in Damascusand bonded together around a musical project that they named: MaBRaD.

The situationduring the war was marked by multiple ups-and-downs, both at the individual andcollective levels of the band, leading them to leave the country, some of themthrough illegal paths, and to take different directions; France, Dubai, Germanyand Sweden.

Each of the sixfriends started to adapt to the difficulties of the new conditions they wereencountering, starting from the journey itself and towards learning newlanguages, living in different societies and establishing a decent life intheir new residencies.

After long time of distancing, they met online and started torecord a music album.